75 minute therapeutic treatments

All of my treatments include a combination of acupuncture and bodywork.

Unlike fast-paced clinics in which multiple patients are treated simultaneously, I prefer to give each patient a full 75 minutes of individualized attention.

Additional therapies may include Chinese herbal prescriptions, diet and lifestyle recommendations, moxibustion, cupping, gua she, electrical stimulation, and infrared heat.

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Viva Acupuncture, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Acupuncture has been practiced as a form of medicine for thousands of years.  It is a minimally invasive approach that uses very thin needles to stimulate acupuncture points on the body. Acupuncture points, which are mapped along meridians (pathways that course through every cell of the body), are points that are known to access the body's qi, or vital energy.  Obstruction and imbalance in the pathways leads to disease.  By inserting needles into points that are carefully chosen for each individual, acupuncture seeks to balance the vital energy of the body for the treatment and prevention of disease. In my practice I primarily use TCM and Kototama needling techniques.


I use a combination of Chinese Tui Na, Thai and Swedish therapeutic massage techniques to prepare the meridians for acupuncture needles, to treat the soft tissue, and to enhance relaxation during every treatment.

Tui Na, meaning "push-pull," is a form of traditional Oriental Medical massage.  It is a manual therapy that can aid in the relief of pain and injury.  It can also assist in balancing the vital energy and organ systems of the body.  Tui Na hand therapies may be used in combination with therapeutic liniments or oils. Liniments such as Zheng Gu Shui contain medicinal herbs in an alcohol base, and are applied topically to an area of discomfort. Liniments generally have an analgesic effect, may be selected to bring a heating or cooling effect, and can speed the healing of injured tissues.




Herbal prescriptions are a very valuable complement to Acupuncture and Bodywork.  Herbs give patients the opportunity for continued treatment between office sessions.  As with all of Oriental Medicine, a formula will be designed to meet the individual needs and constitution of each patient. Though referred to as "Herbal Medicine," the medicinals may include mineral and animal products.  Many modern pharmaceuticals are derived from these same medicinals; in their natural form, the herbs offer potent medicine with fewer (if any) side effects.  If you choose to incorporate herbal medicine into your treatment, your personalized formula will be given in the form of pre-mixed granules, which you simply dissolve in a few ounces of hot water and take as a tea a few times per day.  

My granular herbs are produced by Legendary Herbs at Tianjiang Pharmaceutical in China, which is a fully licensed, state-approved pharmaceutical company that supplies over 100 large hospitals in China. Tianjiang is GMP-certified and exports to many countries around the world. The raw herbs used for Legendary Herbs granular products are rigorously sourced from over 320 farms and production regions, spanning 22 provinces in China. 

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork at Viva Acupuncture, Santa Fe, New Mexico

adjunct therapies


is a therapeutic treatment in which Moxa, a dried form of Mugwort, is applied to an acupuncture point or area of pain. Indirect moxibustion involves burning the moxa a few cm above the skin at the chosen point, or in the case of needlepoint moxibustion, moxa is burned on the end of a needle inserted into the point. Direct moxibustion involves burning moxa directly on the point (with the application of a cream to protect from burns).  Moxa has healing and heating properties that when called for, can greatly enhance a treatment.


makes use of a vacuum formed inside glass cups to relieve tension and stagnation in the body tissue. The suction provides an opportunity for fresh blood to enter the area, bringing nutrients and flushing out heat and toxins.  The suction may leave circular marks, which typically fade within a few days.  Cupping can be used for a variety of conditions, from chest congestion, to chronic back tension and general stress relief.  

gua sha

is a scraping technique, typically making use of a ceramic, stone or wood tool to help break up scar tissue and fibrous adhesions. This can be greatly valuable in the treatment of chronic injuries and tension patterns.

electrical stimulation

makes use of a micro current applied to the needles to increase the stimulation of acupuncture points. E-stim is especially valuable in the treatment of injuries and pain.


Disorders that I treat include acute and chronic pain, traumatic injury, stress, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, digestive complaints, psychoemotional imbalance, addictions, infertility, PMS and menstrual irregularity, and menopausal symptoms. treatments can regulate the nervous system, mood, energy, sleep, digestion, circulation, hormones, and aid in each of the major organ functions of the body.