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Please register for all workshops in advance:

community acupuncture & restorative yoga

monday november 27TH, 5:30-7:15PM, $30 

Unwind, reset, restore. More and more studies show stress to be a major factor in disease. While most of us can't entirely eliminate the stressors in our daily life, practices like acupuncture and yoga can be used to reset our nervous system. Often our culture teaches that relaxation is decadent, when in fact it is vital to our health and wellbeing. By relaxing and balancing the nervous system we can  improve many aspects of our health, including immune function, sleep quality, digestion and mood. We can also reduce inflammation, muscular tension and pain. This 90 minute workshop will start with community-style acupuncture treatments targeting the nervous system, and finish with gentle restorative yoga and yoga nidra (a guided yogic relaxation practice).


limited to 12 participants - register in advance. 24 hour cancellation required, except in the case of emergency.