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MAY 20-25TH, 2017, $350

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Authorized teacher Christine Hoar has been practicing and teaching Ashtanga for over twenty years. Her serious dedication to yoga is coupled with a very compassionate and joyful approach to the practice. She brings a great depth of knowledge in many areas of yoga, including hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy, sanskrit and Ayurveda. (READ FULL BIO)

Saturday 2-5pm - Introduction, and Ashtanga Essentials: Tristhana, Vinyasa and Shraddha 

Sunday 10am-12pm - Led Primary, Breathing, Chanting

Sunday 1:30-4pm - Ashtanga Yoga Conference 

Monday - Thursday, 6:30-9am - Traditional Mysore Practice

Monday 5:30-7pm - Basic Breath Work, Four Purifications

Tuesday 5:30-7pm - Intro to Meditation in the Tradition of Himalayan Masters

Wednesday 5:30-7pm - Dinacharya: Creating Healthy Daily Routine, An Ayurvedic Perspective


community acupuncture & restorative yoga/yoga nidra

monday june 26TH, 5:30-7:30PM, $30

Unwind, reset, restore. More and more studies show stress to be a major factor in disease. While most of us can't entirely eliminate the stressors in our daily life, practices like acupuncture and yoga can be used to reset our nervous system. Often our culture teaches that relaxation is decadent, when in fact it is vital to our health and wellbeing. By relaxing and balancing the nervous system we can  improve many aspects of our health, including immune function, sleep quality, digestion and mood. We can also reduce inflammation, muscular tension and pain. This 2 hour workshop will start with community-style acupuncture treatments targeting the nervous system, and finish with gentle restorative yoga and yoga nidra (a guided yogic relaxation practice). Register in advance, limited to 12 participants.